Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oriental Magpie-Robin -Birds in Thailand

After sewing pillow cases for the last 1,5 weeks I have finally found some time to look at my pictures of Thailand. This is the first one that I wanted to look at. It was a little birdie that joined us by the pool of our hotel in Bangkok. I said: "Hey, that looks like a magpie and moves like a robin!" I looked it up in the guide I had with me at-all-times. And whatdoyouknow... and it's called an Oriental Magpie-Robin! How original, but then again, why think of a difficult name when this says it all. It is like a miniature magpie.

Na anderhalve week kussenhoezen naaien heb ik eindelijk tijd gevonden om naar mijn foto's van Thailand te kijken. Dit is de eerste waar ik naar wilde kijken. Het was een klein vogeltje dat bij ons zat aan het zwembad van ons hotel in Bangkok. Ik riep uit: "Heee dat lijkt wel een ekster en hij beweegt als een roodborstje!"Ik zocht het gelijk op in mijn vogelgidsje dat ik -heel-de-tijd bij me had. En wat denk je? Het heet een Orientel Magpie-Robin (orientaalse ekster-roodborst) maar Dayallijster in het Nederlands. Erg origineel de Magpie-robin, maar ja, waarom zou je een moeilijke naam bedenken als deze alles zegt? Het is net een mini ekstertje.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Breakfast with Tiffany

It's been almost a week that I am back and the jetlag made me a little drowsy during the day. I am still on Thailand-time. I am really happy to be back home, and I actually missed interacting with clients, and just generally everything about my work (although I am glad most hotels have wifi these days to keep me busy).
One of the things I love about talking with my customers is when they share how they enjoy the birds around them, and how they admire nature.

So when I got home I loved reading this lovely message from Tiffany and I received a photo of her backyard birds. They're not quite your average sparrow or blackbird.
Tiffany lives in Australia and she and her husband are huge bird fans.
And while I am looking at a grey white sky here in the Netherlands, Tiffany woke up to find
these wild cockatoos dropping in for breakfast with her yesterday morning. They can feed out of her hand but she tries not to encourage that too much to keep them wild and wonderful as they are.
But everyone can use a little help sometimes so on hot days they come to her balcony to be sprayed with water to cool down a bit in the hot Aussie summer.

Thanks so much Tiffany, a great photo with a wonderful story!!


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