Friday, June 1, 2012

Newsletter June

Below is my newsletter of June. Let me know if you would like to subscribe. Subscribers get a version that sometimes include discounts and coupon codes! 

Hello everyone!
We're in the middle of spring (keep an eye on your cat) and my garden has some new visitors. A group of dunnock children and a little fat blackbird find their way in this world. We have bumble bee squatters in our titmouse birdhouse. A bumble-mom owns the place now. Sometimes we knock on her door to see if she's still there. She always seems busy and answers with a high pitched Bzzzzt and we know she's ok. The blue titmouse pair we had last year had to look elsewhere and took refuge in the neighbor's birdhouse. Bumblebees are cute and friendly too, so I am fine as long as everyone has a roof over their head.

New items!
The pillows are doing very well and I decided to expand my collection with fun new items! Soon I will have teatowels, napkins and cute pouches and totebags:
Shopper met het Roodborstje

I've been very busy developing the line and I hope to have them at the end of June. All items are made of organic cotton of course. You can look at the new bag and pouch designs here and preorder one already. 

Bird Life Netherlands
Another big thing for me was the news that Bird Life The Netherlands decided to stock my items in their webshop and store here in The Netherlands. It is a huge honor that this organization believes in my products. They had to approve the quality and make first and some weeks passed while I kept my fingers crossed they would like my pillows. Thankfully they did and mid June they will be available. I hope they will do well!!

I had to create a new facebook page to match my namechange as I couldn't simply change the name of the old one. And because I would like you all to move with me to that new page, I will tempt you to 'like' my page with a giveaway. With each 50 new likes I will send a pillow case or print to one lucky winner. Enter by clicking and liking this page: Of course, even if you don't know the previous page: Every new like will count as entering the giveaway! 

Hope everyone enjoys spring to the fullest!
All the best,
Myrte de Zeeuw.


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