Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flamingo dress part I

Here's the rough sketch of the flamingo dress. I wanted to make a real tropical maxi dress and what bird would look better? None, because they don't only wear "holiday". They are not only tall and exotic. They are also coral pink. And I love coral pink for summer. I want to scatter some water around their feet. If I think of flamingos I think of them in the water. But I hope it will become a bit more vague, not so stripey or colorblock-ish... if you know what I mean.
First I will draw the birds and then I have to think about the rest. Keep you posted!

Friday, April 22, 2011

House crows or jack daws

Some people love them, some people loathe them. The House Crow. Visitors of Thailand, India or around have seen him. I saw them in Turkey and later in Oman, and they reminded me of the pack of Jackdaws that rule the roofs in my neighborhood. But then scarier and larger. These clever guys don't live away from humans and ensure their survival by adapting to us. Choosing the lazy lifestyle and rummage through our waste, so to speak. So you might not like them, but they do like you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The birth of a baby black bird

Long overdue- I wanted to draw this bird in 2009 already. My old job got in the way and let's not forget the dreadful cold winter. but now I have found new inspiration in the form of a female blackbird and her husband preparing for the birth of another baby. I can already see mommy gathering branches for her nest. This time of year mommy's boss. In winter dad determines the rules, but now feeding mom is top priority. The cause it to
create one of these down cuties the world is waiting for! My job is to keep the backyard cat-free for a while.

Eindelijk- Ik wilde dit vogeltje al in 2009 tekenen. Mijn oude baan zat me in de weg en laten we de winter niet vergeten. Nu heb ik nieuwe inspiratie gekregen van een vrouwtjes-merel en haar man, die druk bezig zijn om de geboorte van een baby voor te bereiden. Ik zie moeders al in de weer met takjes voor haar nest. Deze tijd van het jaar is mama de baas. In de winter heeft pa het voor het zeggen, maar moeders voedsel brengen is nu topprioriteit. Het grote doel is om nog zo'n schatje te maken waar de wereld op wacht! Mijn taak in het geheel is om de tuin kat-vrij te houden!

Winner of Steller's Jay giveaway

The lucky winner of the Steller's Jay Giveaway is Belle!
Her entry was the Nothern Lapwing /Green Plover. She will soon receive a print of the Jay.
All entries gave me inspiration for new birds, to name a few:
Puffin, Golden Plover, Pied Wagtail, Blue Footed Booby, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, American Goldfinch, Hen, Cardinal, Curlew, Green Heron, Eastern Meadowlark, Spotted Woodpecker, and so on...

Soon there will be a new Giveaway! Keep an eye on my blog or on my facebook page.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A walk in the park: Robin and Chiffchaff

Yesterday I went for a midday stroll in the park nearby. It is a rural patch of land that's been preserved and is actually very close to the city. I love it there. Just 10 minutes from my house, which I consider to be in the city's centre. All the birds create so much noise at this time of year. It is wonderful!
I saw the robin whistling so loud that it was easy to catch him on camera between the branches.
The chiffchaff was a bit harder to catch. They freeze too short a time to get a good focus on them. I knew there were chiffchaffs there, but I had never been able to take a close look. Thankfully, after 40 minutes of looking for the right moment, I got him! Not too clear, but clear enough to have proof and enjoy his cute little posture!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Steller's Jay a Giveaway!

I am giving away the first print of the limited edition of 50 on 8*11 inch, fine art paper.

To take part in this giveaway, all you have to do is answer this question:
What bird do you still miss in my collection?

I will randomly choose a winner from all participants. There is no single right answer ;-). On April 8th I will announce the lucky winner.

State your answer to the question in the comments!

The Steller's Jay.

The Steller's Jay. I am once again happy I survived the process of drawing a bird and came out pleased.
I first saw this beautiful bird in the Shore Pine Bog trail, which is a part of the Pacific Rim National Park- one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Amongst the bright green pines there was a blue spot that drew my attention. It was hopping from treebranch to treebranch always on a safe distance. Obviously eyeing us up for food. I read that this clever bird imitates the call of a hawk to chase other birds away at feeding areas. He must have fun doing that!

You can take a better look here.


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