Monday, October 31, 2011

Bedding for Galerie Tydeman

It feels a little bit like New Year's. The parties were great, but now all is over, and we have to wait for another year to have such a great week again. The Dutch Design Week is over, and I have enjoyed as many locations and galleries as I could squeeze in my own busy schedule of sewing and delivering pillow cases to my stockists and being present for talks and meetings.
Below you see a snapshot impression of the duvet cover I made for Galerie Tydeman. The response was great and it has inspired me to continue on this path and design more compositions for bedding. The Duvet cover is sold exclusively through Galerie Tydeman. You can contact them here: It will also be available as a single duvet cover, and special requests can be done as well.
The throw pillows & cases are also for sale through my own website and by special order via my stockists.
And of course I have written a story about the cedar waxwings. It is printed on the cover for you to enjoy
The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird. I met him when I was staring at a waterfall in Canada. Suddenly he was sitting on a branch next to me. They hear the sound of water and it draws them to it. I am sure he is enjoying the look of the water gushing into the river just as much as I am. They look pretty tough with that mask and the mohawk. But they are very social birds, living in large groups. They are able to pass berries over to each other and feed each other. Next to that they enjoy the fine things in life. They like their berries and are not very picky when it comes to quality. Sometimes they raid a tree with berries that are already fermenting. The berries make them drunk. For a while they just tumble over the ground and flap their wings with no effect. Until they are sobered up and then it is on to the next meal.

The duvet cover is made of 100% organic cotton and full color printed on the loveliest sateen. The covers are handmade with love.

If you would like more information contact me through mirthquake [at] gmail [dot] com.


Robin said...

This is gorgeous! I'm so happy I discovered you on Etsy. I love coming by and seeing what new projects you're working on. You've also inspired my mother to work more on her wacom skills. She's been a professional artist for years, but using the tablet is pretty new to her.
Looking forward to seeing more new projects!
-Robin, DigThisBird

MirthQuake said...

Hi Robin!
Thank you so much!! So glad to hear I have inspired another artist. That means a lot. I hope working with the tablet will bring her as much joy as it brings me. I couldn't live without mine :-).


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