Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Duvet cover

It was the perfect comabination : my man wanted a holiday, and I needed some isolition to focus on the project (duvet cover)for Galerie Tydeman and the Dutch Design Week I still had a lot to do, or rather I still had to start. So we went to the South of France close to the Camargue where we saw a huge white egret and flamingoes. But also close to the Mont Ventoux for Martijn's cycling addiction. In the mornings and evenings I was drawing and in between we saw hedge hogs, squirrels, all kinds of lovely bird and the top of the Mont Ventoux.
The illustration for the duvet cover is done!


And of course I have written a story about the cedar waxwings: The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird. I met him when I was staring at a waterfall in Canada. Suddenly he was sitting on a branch next to me. They hear the sound of water and it draws them to it. I am sure he is enjoying the look of the water gushing into the river just as much as I am. They look pretty tough with that mask and the mohawk. But they are very social birds, living in large groups. They are able to pass berries over to each other and feed each other. Next to that they enjoy the fine things in life. They like their berries and are not very picky when it comes to quality. Sometimes they raid a tree with berries that are already fermenting. The berries make them drunk. For a while they just tumble over the ground and flap their wings with no effect. Until they are sobered up and then it is on to the next meal.

Now I have to wait for the fabric. It will be a two persons cover in luxurious 100% organic cotton in sateen weave. The decorative pillows will be available seperately in my webshops soon! If you are interested in the cover, you can preorder it. Orders will be made in November. If you would like to receive a sample of the fabric let me know as well! mirthquake at gmail dot com

These new things will be released under a new name: Above you see my new logo. I value a personal approach to my customers and that made it a natural thing to sign my products with my own name.

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