Monday, July 11, 2011

Developing my bird- handbag!!

Summer just started but my mind is already thinking about Fall. My bird-bag! I really want to have it up in my shop soon! but developing a new product costs time. I learn more everyday. I have to keep telling the printer what I want over and over and I get offered the nicest leathers.
But I believe it has to be leather from a by-product of the beef-industry, I want no young animals, and I only want to work with companies that respect their workers. For the production of the bag itself I think I will keep it close to home too. Dutch craftmanship is what I am looking for. Below a swatch and mini print of the leather. It will be the light tan color in the middle.
The actual print will be bigger and more detailed.


And then the design:


Lots of pockets and zippers and smooth sturdy leather! Your life will fit in it, along with a laptop, ipad, iphone or lots of make-up and scraps!

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