Friday, June 10, 2011

A surprise from Mother Nature.

Some of you have requested for me to draw a Cardinal. A wonderful bird. The bright red males might steal the show of the females that are also just so lovely looking. (If you have a man looking like that others hardly see what a beautiful female you are! ) I want to draw this bird and he's on the list for a long long time. BUT, as some of you may know, I don't draw birds I have never met personally. There might be the rare occasion, when I know someone around me saw it or when the bird is very very special, but not just coz. I feel I have to get to know him and connect a special moment to it. What added some extra frustration is that I have been to places where he lives; (North Eastern USA, Canada) loads. But never saw it. Not that I am ungrateful- I always see loads of other pretty birdies. Last May we went to NYC again, and I had just gotten two more request of doing a Cardinal. We went to the Met one monday(yes) only to find out the Met is closed. So what do you do on a damp spring day? Yes, take a walk in Central Park. I saw so many friendly Robins, and I heard a new sound. I wondered into the trees and saw...... A bright red Cardinal whistling his tail off. Although I am not a bird-nerd, (or am I?) this overwhelmes me with joy.
(My camera is just a point&shoot, but I am an illustrator and not a photgrapher huh?)

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