Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ariadne at Home

Happy happy joy joy! As you could read here. I had a photoshoot for Ariadne at Home Magazine. One of The Netherlands' largest home decor magazines. And today it got published!!

Here's the English translation:
Myrte de Zeeuw lives together with Martijn. Myrte creates pillow cases, prints, dresses and bags with birds on it.
"Whether I am a birder? No way! But that was not my intention. You won't see me on a field with binoculars, staring for hours. I am curious about birds, I am always on the lookout for information about the species that I draw. With each dress or pillow case comes a story about the bird, so you get to know him or her a little. I don't trace birds from photos or copy pictures I just come across. I have to meet them first and feel some sort of link. Usually I will make some snapshots and start sketching at home on my computer. The drawing consists of many layers, from background layers, shadows, up to the tiniest feathers and glossy effects. I always start with the eyes by the way. This way the two dimensional image starts to live and looks at me. My favorite? I couldn't say, all birds have something special. But if I had to choose, The European Blackbird. A modest bird, with a modest character, but still all over the place and very present here in The Netherlands.

Text: Selina Ikink, Make-up: Minke Boeijen, Photography: Ernie Enkelaar, Styling and production: Anne Marie van der Horst


ArtMind said...

That's HUGE! Big congrats, Myrthe!!
I was in Eindhoven to pick up Vanessa about a month ago and it reminded me of the lovely day we spend together! Must meet up sometime again, hey?
Hope you're well! Happy weekend! XO Mitsy

Deep Indigo said...

Congrtulations Myrthe!You deserve it!!
I'll look for the magazine this weekend!


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