Monday, May 16, 2011

Newsletter May

Here's my newsletter of May!

Did you already see some young birds in your backyard or parks? Yesterday I missed the blue titmice leaving the nest. This means we will never know how many were in the box, and a bet is without a winner. It sure sounded crowded. One of my new illustrations is made for this lovely time; the young black bird.

But I have been a busy bee, I can show you some more:

The Flamingoes, solo or in a snug group. I drew these birds for a maxi dress, the design you can see here. I ordered the fabric for it and I cannot wait!

The scary house crow, similar to the jackdaw, but a bit larger and scarier. I already have fabric with these birds on a grey watercolor background that I hope to finish this week or the next.

The feathers! A mini collection of a dove, hawk and blue jay's feathers.

All these prints will be made into pillow cases this week! And I also have fabric for a Steller's jay pillow and a yellow rumped warbler pillow! Of course all prints and items are available in my ArtFire shop too.

Interview! I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Jane Hardjono of The Dossier again! She made a clip of my work before, but was interested in my dresses now. She made some photos of my studio and we talked about my clothing and illustrations. You can read it here!!

About my clothing. Feedback on my dress!! Feeback always makes me happy. Working alone it is great to hear what people have to say. I got the sweetest message from Sidsel in Denmark on her new MirthQuake dress: "The dress arrived today. It fits well and it is very beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. I love the print. The dress is definitiely one of my favorites...." HAPPY!

I have some cotton lawn with the crested tits that is waiting to be transformed into a blouse. It will be added to the collection soon!

The winner of the Giveaway in April is Belle from Oss. She sent me a message that she's happy with it! Since I had my 200th sale in my Etsy shop I am organizing another Giveaway, connected to a survey. Two winners will receive a pillow case!! More information will follow!

Will keep you posted!

All the best,
Myrte de Zeeuw

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