Thursday, April 7, 2011

A walk in the park: Robin and Chiffchaff

Yesterday I went for a midday stroll in the park nearby. It is a rural patch of land that's been preserved and is actually very close to the city. I love it there. Just 10 minutes from my house, which I consider to be in the city's centre. All the birds create so much noise at this time of year. It is wonderful!
I saw the robin whistling so loud that it was easy to catch him on camera between the branches.
The chiffchaff was a bit harder to catch. They freeze too short a time to get a good focus on them. I knew there were chiffchaffs there, but I had never been able to take a close look. Thankfully, after 40 minutes of looking for the right moment, I got him! Not too clear, but clear enough to have proof and enjoy his cute little posture!


pangaloon said...

Hello, I am Jo, and I pleased to find your gorgeous blog. Simply beautiful. I am mad about birds ( quite a boff actually)

MirthQuake said...

Hi Jo! Nice to meet you here. Thanks for you kind words. I just saw your blog too. Lovely!!


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