Friday, March 18, 2011

Photoshoot for Ariadne at Home Magazine

With 85.000 readers, Ariadne at Home is in the top three of Dutch home decor magazines. It's legendary to me as my mom already bought it when I was little and I read it too.
I was THRILLED when the production stylist asked me to take part in an article about women who create their own products. I prepared the big day by sewing and printing as many things as possible to use for the shoot. I was asked to bring my dress and wear it. Lovely!
The day was wonderful! The stylist, photographer and hair & make-up artist were wonderful and knowledgeable people and I was in good hands!
Here are some behind the scenes photos. I cannot show all yet of course. But I will when the article is printed in June/July!
A big thank you to my friend Nicole who went along with me to take all the photos and gave me moral support!
Now just be patient and go out and buy it!


Viltalakim said...

wow you look great !!

Pragya said...

Congratulations! You look beautiful!

Pragya said...

and the dress looks fabulous. You must be proud :)

MirthQuake said...

Thanks so much ladies!!*blush*


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