Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art work for the handbag II

As you can read here, I am in the process of drawing a Steller's Jay. Three hours later:the next phase. It is the eye and the head. If this phase goes well, I am generally optimistic throughout the work. but if this one goes bad, takes too long or I just cannot seem to get it, then I tend to get a bit negative about the illustration. Think toddler tantrums and moody outbursts. That sometimes goes on for 2-3 days and I try to focus on another part before returning to this phase again. If I think I have achieved what I wanted I am happy again. It is a happiness that makes up for being moody for 3 days. It is always worth it, but after drawing about 22 birds- this is number 23- I know all too well that the moody phase is waiting to attack. I think this time I have dodged it! The head is not finished yet, but I am happy about the look in his eyes. Fine-tuning may happen later.

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