Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art work for the handbag I

the last couple of days I have been busy finding nice leather and materials for my handbag. II have selected a vegetable tannes, guaranteed by product of the beefindustry- leather in the most amazing caramel color. The design of the handbag itself is done too. It will be a pretty large bag with enough room for your A4/ US letter files. But I also made sure there are more than 6 pockets or seperate spaces to keep your make-up, pencils, mobile and all you need to bring along. So now there's the most difficult part: The art work itself. I decided to go for the Steller's jay because it is dark and still brightly colored. Here I am sharing the different phases of the illustration. Phase one, of course the sketch and the basic layout of the panel where the bird will be printed on.

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