Friday, November 18, 2011


Holland's largest women's magazine Libelle has published my black bird pillow in this week's issue!
I am so thrilled! It is keeping me busy alright! I love how they say that this is their selection of things that make them happy.

Het grootste vrouwen tijdschrift van Nederland, de Libelle heeft deze week in een artikel mijn merel kussen geplaatst!! Geweldig dat erbij staat dat dit de dingen zijn waar ze vrolijk van worden!
Ik ben door het dolle heen!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Stork Sign // geboortebord Ooievaar.

You could read about my Stork project here. Je kon hier lezen over mijn plan een ooievaar geboorte bord te maken.
The first Stork banner for indoors is done! This beautiful banner is a new way to announce the birth of your baby. It is easy to make and it will stand out stylishly!
De Ooievaar banner voor binnen ik klaar! Deze mooie banner is een nieuwe manier om de je kindje aan de wereld voor te stellen. De banner is makkelijk te maken en valt op door zijn stijlvolle uiterlijk!
All you need is some ribbon or thread, 2 screw eyes, 2 small wooden sticks, and a sewing machine!
Alles wat je nodig hebt is wat lint of visdraad, 2 schroefoogjes, 2 houten latjes, en een naaimachine!

You can write the name of your baby on it with felt letters, or a marker. //Je kunt er zelf met vilten letters of stift de naam van je kindje op maken.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Stork //De Ooievaar

In The Netherlands there is practically no baby born and welcomed into a new home without a wooden Stork or other type of announcement, sign or figure in the front yard.

People have been looking for creative alternatives. We've seen the Disney look-a-likes, and now we see the more showy inflatable babies you can rent and place in the front yard. Personally I like the tradition of the stork. But I have never seen an actual realistic looking stork anywhere. Of course I see why. Not everyone can draw one on a wooden panel and paint it. You usually see abstract versions of the stork. I think the stork can be stylish too!

I would like to make one everyone can use! I asked my sister-in-law who is expecting her first child in December if she and her husband had plans to make a sign.

If grandpa was already in the shed painting and sawing a sign that would be wonderful and I would leave it at that. I have seen gardens stuffed with signs of all of Disney's characters and it didn't look swell I can tell you that. You can see the creative wars of family members making the biggest & bestest. "But," my sister-in-law continued, "we don't have a front yard, so I don't know where to place it anyway." Ahah! I'd like to solve that problem too.

I first thought I was going to make some sort of window sticker. But then challenges arose on how to print such a large white bird and I saw limitations to cut the sticker smoothly.Hmmm. Then the charm of making something yourself by your family members or by the future dad came back to mind. That is lovely.

So it had to become a DIY kit. My love for textiles combined with this idea lead to me making the stork into a banner you can hang in front of your window. I love the idea of the mom-to-be or grandma-to-be sewing this banner, and making it with some basic materials. You can hang it in front of the window when the baby is just born or even outside. You will be able to write the name on the banner or sew it on the banner with felt letters or something.

I am thinking about an alternative that is more suitable for grandfathers perhaps, or just people with front yards. I want to have a stork image you can paste on a piece of wood and place in your front yard. Or you can secure it on the wall. It has to be big, but classy, and new!

So now I had to draw the bird! I first drew a sketch; I know, this always looks a bit daft.

Then some basic shadows and the eye...
Then some feathers....
And then I got feedback from Martijn that the eye was a bit scary, and I softened it a bit as you can see in the final version above. And you can see the legs are now straight. It has to be cut out later, and if that becomes too difficult, the grandparents will go crazy.
The first samples for the DIY kits are being printed as we speak!

MirthQuake turns into MYRTE

I've redesigned & rearranged my blog a little bit in preparation of the big name change that will come about in not too long a time.

Because of several different reasons I got a little detached from my first name MirthQuake. I used it way back in 2005 when I hadn't drawn a single bird and I only made clothes. It grew with me but I think right now it doesn't cover what I am about. My illustrations and my story are personal, and my name wasn't personal anymore- I thought. So what would be more personal than using my own name for my label? The name in the Netherlands wasn't as common when I was born as it is now. But now it is usually spelled differently. So it is very personal for me.

Soon my new website will be up and running in English and in Dutch. It will feature ways to follow me, buy my home decor items as well as my clothes and handbags.

How to pronounce my name? It is not like Myrtle- I am sorry that would be too easy. The Y is like the i in 'mitt'. and the TE is like a sigh. Put a feather on the table and try to move it my saying TE to it. Then you have it. The R is another story. It is a french R. But I will accept alternatives as it is pretty difficult. My Last name. Duh, but without Homer Simpson's surprised twist to it. And then the difficult part ZEEUW. It looks harder than it is: Zayw. Forget the U. That's it; Mirtteh Duh Zayw. You got it!

Ik heb mijn blog vernieuwd en een beetje herschikt in afwachting van van de grote naamsverandering die in niet al te lange tijd definitief zal zijn. Vanwegeverschillende redenen raakte ik een beetje los van de naam MirthQuake. Ik gebruikte 'm al in 2005, toen ik nog geen enkele vogel had getekend en ik alleen kleding maakte. MirthQuake groeide met mij, maar ik denk nu dat het steeds minder van toepassing is op wat ik nu maak. Mijn werk en mijn verhaal zijn persoonlijk, en mijn naam voelde niet persoonlijk. Dus wat is er meer persoonlijk dan het gebruik van mijn eigen naam voor mijn label? Nu worden er Myrthe's geboren ipv Myrte, en dat maakt Myrte nog meer van mij.

Binnenkort is mijn nieuwe website klaar, in het Engels en in het Nederlands. Je vindt er nieuws en kunt er dan mijn items kopen zoals mijn kussens, handtassen en kleding.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bedding for Galerie Tydeman

It feels a little bit like New Year's. The parties were great, but now all is over, and we have to wait for another year to have such a great week again. The Dutch Design Week is over, and I have enjoyed as many locations and galleries as I could squeeze in my own busy schedule of sewing and delivering pillow cases to my stockists and being present for talks and meetings.
Below you see a snapshot impression of the duvet cover I made for Galerie Tydeman. The response was great and it has inspired me to continue on this path and design more compositions for bedding. The Duvet cover is sold exclusively through Galerie Tydeman. You can contact them here: It will also be available as a single duvet cover, and special requests can be done as well.
The throw pillows & cases are also for sale through my own website and by special order via my stockists.
And of course I have written a story about the cedar waxwings. It is printed on the cover for you to enjoy
The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird. I met him when I was staring at a waterfall in Canada. Suddenly he was sitting on a branch next to me. They hear the sound of water and it draws them to it. I am sure he is enjoying the look of the water gushing into the river just as much as I am. They look pretty tough with that mask and the mohawk. But they are very social birds, living in large groups. They are able to pass berries over to each other and feed each other. Next to that they enjoy the fine things in life. They like their berries and are not very picky when it comes to quality. Sometimes they raid a tree with berries that are already fermenting. The berries make them drunk. For a while they just tumble over the ground and flap their wings with no effect. Until they are sobered up and then it is on to the next meal.

The duvet cover is made of 100% organic cotton and full color printed on the loveliest sateen. The covers are handmade with love.

If you would like more information contact me through mirthquake [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Agenda Dutch Design Week

Dutch version see below

The Dutch Design Week is upon us and I already heard there's a lot of attention for it, calling Eindhoven; the Milan of the Netherlands. I am very pleased so many people like, bloggers, editors and designlovers come to my hometown. I would like to share where my products can be found in this week from 22nd - 30th of October.

Firstly Gallery Tydeman, a very charming initiative by brother and sister Tydeman. They empty their home to fill it again with the work of designers they've found throughout the Netherlands. They have asked me to design a duvet cover for the bedroom.

If you're visiting the centre of the Design Academy in De Witte Dame, you're just minuted away from their apartment. From more information click here.

The second event I am taking part in is the presentation "Openhartig" of the Temporary Concept Store. This shop sells my pillow cases and dresses. They invite their designers to speak about their work. On Sunday October 23rd at 4 pm/16.00u I will tell all about my philosophy. This shop is also close to De Witte Dame en Design Academy. Click here for details.


Lastly my work is part of the Etsy mini exhibit about their platform and story telling. It can be see in het Klokgebouw / Strijp S. Etsy is an online platform for creatives and I run my international webshop there. More information click here.

I would love to invite you to one of these events (or all three!). See you there!

De Dutch Design We
ek nadert en hierbij zou ik u graag willen wijzen op de activiteiten waar ik aan deelneem met mijn vogeltjes. Deze week wordt de DDW van 22 tot 30 oktober georganiseerd en trekt wereldwijd geïnteresseerden.

Allereerst Galerie Tydeman, het meest charmante initiatief: Broer en zus Tydeman maken hun huis in het centrum van Eindhoven helemaal leeg en richten het opnieuw in met de mooiste designmeubelen en designitems. Bij hen zal mijn allereerste dekbed te zien zijn temidden van allerlei prachtigs van andere ontwerpers.


Als je een bezoek brengt aan de Witte Dame of de Design Academy ben je er al vlakbij. Op 5 minuten lopen vind je de galerie. Voor openingstijden en route kijk hier.

Het tweede event waar mijn werk te zien is, is de presentatie "Openhartig" van de Temporary Concept Store. Deze winkel verkoopt mijn kussens en jurkjes en nodigt de ontwerpers van het werk in de winkel uit een lezing te geven over de achtergrond van het werk. Ik zal zondag 23 oktober om 16.00u wat gaan vertellen over wat mij drijft en welke technieken ik gebruik. Deze winkel bevindt zich ook vlakbij de Witte Dame en Design Academy.


Voor meer informatie over de andere ontwerpers en de locatie, kijk hier.

Daarnaast maakt een van mijn kussens ook deel uit van de selectie artikelen die door in het Klokgebouw worden gepresenteerd. Etsy is een online platform voor creatieven en ik heb er mijn internationale webshop ondergebracht. Etsy heeft altijd leuke initiatieven waar je je creatieve talent kunt ontwikkelen. Tijdens de DDW onganiseren ze een workshop Storytelling. Meer informatie kijk hier.

Graag wil ik u uitnodigen om een van deze evenementen te bezoeken. Ik kom u graag tegen. Kijk hier voor de andere evenementen. Laat u verrassen door een van de vele interessante evenementen die worden georganiseerd!


Monday, October 17, 2011

NRC National newspaper

Lucky, that's what I am to be featured in these big magazines and newspaper. Now even a National Newspaper. I was briefly interviewed on my work and mainly on Etsy and what it meant for my business. I told the journalist all about my customers, why birds(always a question that comes up somehow) and what Etsy did for me. Along with three other sellers and EtsyNL's spokesperson Marta Pakovska I could share!
Lots of wonderful new folks have found my shop now.

Interview and text: Marleen Luijt.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Eindhovens Dagblad & Frits Magazine

I have been very lucky to get so much attention for my work lately. Some lovely people at our regional news paper Eindhovens Dagblad with 111.000 readers decided to give me an interview of more than half a page! I absolutely love it. Next to that our city's magazine "Frits" also featured my pillows on their page with shopping tips.
I have been very busy because of them. Both the Eindhoven shops that stock my articles have been sold out in a matter of days. And it took days to sew all the direct orders.
Right now I am sewing like crazy to restock the shops, all the direct orders have been shipped!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Duvet cover

It was the perfect comabination : my man wanted a holiday, and I needed some isolition to focus on the project (duvet cover)for Galerie Tydeman and the Dutch Design Week I still had a lot to do, or rather I still had to start. So we went to the South of France close to the Camargue where we saw a huge white egret and flamingoes. But also close to the Mont Ventoux for Martijn's cycling addiction. In the mornings and evenings I was drawing and in between we saw hedge hogs, squirrels, all kinds of lovely bird and the top of the Mont Ventoux.
The illustration for the duvet cover is done!


And of course I have written a story about the cedar waxwings: The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird. I met him when I was staring at a waterfall in Canada. Suddenly he was sitting on a branch next to me. They hear the sound of water and it draws them to it. I am sure he is enjoying the look of the water gushing into the river just as much as I am. They look pretty tough with that mask and the mohawk. But they are very social birds, living in large groups. They are able to pass berries over to each other and feed each other. Next to that they enjoy the fine things in life. They like their berries and are not very picky when it comes to quality. Sometimes they raid a tree with berries that are already fermenting. The berries make them drunk. For a while they just tumble over the ground and flap their wings with no effect. Until they are sobered up and then it is on to the next meal.

Now I have to wait for the fabric. It will be a two persons cover in luxurious 100% organic cotton in sateen weave. The decorative pillows will be available seperately in my webshops soon! If you are interested in the cover, you can preorder it. Orders will be made in November. If you would like to receive a sample of the fabric let me know as well! mirthquake at gmail dot com

These new things will be released under a new name: Above you see my new logo. I value a personal approach to my customers and that made it a natural thing to sign my products with my own name.

Monday, August 1, 2011


This is the male of the Cardinals. A beautiful bird that I saw in Central Park NYC. I missed it time and time again, but now a different sound lured me off the path and in the green treetops I saw this little fellow. And I was happy. After that I serached no more. That must be the female's frustration, if your man looks that hot, who will look at you. Thankfully cardinal males are the sweetest husbands around; they cherish their female by giving them yummy goodies!
Here are the cardinals! I gave the male a lead role on a print. A stunning bird

On Etsy

Dit is het mannetje van de Cardinals. Een prachtige vogel die ik dit voorjaar in New York zag. Eerder had ik `m keer op keer gemist, maar nu lokte een apart geluidje me van het gebaande pad in Central Park. Tussen de groene boomtoppen zat dit nogal opvallende heerschap. Ik was op slag gelukkig. Ik kon me de frustratie van zijn vrouw wel voorstellen. Als je man er zo uit ziet, wie kijkt er dan naar jou? Gelukkig zijn Cardinal mannetjes heel lief voor hun vrouwtje en voeren ze allerlei lekkere besjes!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Developing my bird- handbag!!

Summer just started but my mind is already thinking about Fall. My bird-bag! I really want to have it up in my shop soon! but developing a new product costs time. I learn more everyday. I have to keep telling the printer what I want over and over and I get offered the nicest leathers.
But I believe it has to be leather from a by-product of the beef-industry, I want no young animals, and I only want to work with companies that respect their workers. For the production of the bag itself I think I will keep it close to home too. Dutch craftmanship is what I am looking for. Below a swatch and mini print of the leather. It will be the light tan color in the middle.
The actual print will be bigger and more detailed.


And then the design:


Lots of pockets and zippers and smooth sturdy leather! Your life will fit in it, along with a laptop, ipad, iphone or lots of make-up and scraps!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flamingo dress part III - Made with of 6 yards of fabric!

Here and here you could read about my plans to make a Flamingo dress (not to be mistaken with flamenco dress:-) ) As you can see it is finally done. It is made of 6 yards of fabric and makes an impact!
Read more about it here
Voor Nederlandse bezoekers hier.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ariadne at Home

Happy happy joy joy! As you could read here. I had a photoshoot for Ariadne at Home Magazine. One of The Netherlands' largest home decor magazines. And today it got published!!

Here's the English translation:
Myrte de Zeeuw lives together with Martijn. Myrte creates pillow cases, prints, dresses and bags with birds on it.
"Whether I am a birder? No way! But that was not my intention. You won't see me on a field with binoculars, staring for hours. I am curious about birds, I am always on the lookout for information about the species that I draw. With each dress or pillow case comes a story about the bird, so you get to know him or her a little. I don't trace birds from photos or copy pictures I just come across. I have to meet them first and feel some sort of link. Usually I will make some snapshots and start sketching at home on my computer. The drawing consists of many layers, from background layers, shadows, up to the tiniest feathers and glossy effects. I always start with the eyes by the way. This way the two dimensional image starts to live and looks at me. My favorite? I couldn't say, all birds have something special. But if I had to choose, The European Blackbird. A modest bird, with a modest character, but still all over the place and very present here in The Netherlands.

Text: Selina Ikink, Make-up: Minke Boeijen, Photography: Ernie Enkelaar, Styling and production: Anne Marie van der Horst

Friday, June 10, 2011

A surprise from Mother Nature.

Some of you have requested for me to draw a Cardinal. A wonderful bird. The bright red males might steal the show of the females that are also just so lovely looking. (If you have a man looking like that others hardly see what a beautiful female you are! ) I want to draw this bird and he's on the list for a long long time. BUT, as some of you may know, I don't draw birds I have never met personally. There might be the rare occasion, when I know someone around me saw it or when the bird is very very special, but not just coz. I feel I have to get to know him and connect a special moment to it. What added some extra frustration is that I have been to places where he lives; (North Eastern USA, Canada) loads. But never saw it. Not that I am ungrateful- I always see loads of other pretty birdies. Last May we went to NYC again, and I had just gotten two more request of doing a Cardinal. We went to the Met one monday(yes) only to find out the Met is closed. So what do you do on a damp spring day? Yes, take a walk in Central Park. I saw so many friendly Robins, and I heard a new sound. I wondered into the trees and saw...... A bright red Cardinal whistling his tail off. Although I am not a bird-nerd, (or am I?) this overwhelmes me with joy.
(My camera is just a point&shoot, but I am an illustrator and not a photgrapher huh?)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New scarf designs

What was I thinking? It was in my face but I never saw it. I wear scarves all the time! So today I made two designs of my two most recent illustrations.

They are printed on a lovely cotton voile, so the colors sink through the fabric a little, and measure 140x42cm / 55x16 inch. They will be 69 USD / 52 EUR.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Newsletter May

Here's my newsletter of May!

Did you already see some young birds in your backyard or parks? Yesterday I missed the blue titmice leaving the nest. This means we will never know how many were in the box, and a bet is without a winner. It sure sounded crowded. One of my new illustrations is made for this lovely time; the young black bird.

But I have been a busy bee, I can show you some more:

The Flamingoes, solo or in a snug group. I drew these birds for a maxi dress, the design you can see here. I ordered the fabric for it and I cannot wait!

The scary house crow, similar to the jackdaw, but a bit larger and scarier. I already have fabric with these birds on a grey watercolor background that I hope to finish this week or the next.

The feathers! A mini collection of a dove, hawk and blue jay's feathers.

All these prints will be made into pillow cases this week! And I also have fabric for a Steller's jay pillow and a yellow rumped warbler pillow! Of course all prints and items are available in my ArtFire shop too.

Interview! I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Jane Hardjono of The Dossier again! She made a clip of my work before, but was interested in my dresses now. She made some photos of my studio and we talked about my clothing and illustrations. You can read it here!!

About my clothing. Feedback on my dress!! Feeback always makes me happy. Working alone it is great to hear what people have to say. I got the sweetest message from Sidsel in Denmark on her new MirthQuake dress: "The dress arrived today. It fits well and it is very beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. I love the print. The dress is definitiely one of my favorites...." HAPPY!

I have some cotton lawn with the crested tits that is waiting to be transformed into a blouse. It will be added to the collection soon!

The winner of the Giveaway in April is Belle from Oss. She sent me a message that she's happy with it! Since I had my 200th sale in my Etsy shop I am organizing another Giveaway, connected to a survey. Two winners will receive a pillow case!! More information will follow!

Will keep you posted!

All the best,
Myrte de Zeeuw

Crested tits blouse

I have some cotton lawn with the crested tits that is waiting to be transformed into a blouse. I have made a muslin of fabric that I had left. some adjustments were needed, but I can quickly finish and list this blouse. I hope this week!


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