Tuesday, December 28, 2010

European Greenfinch debuts.

With all the snow on the ground here; a staggering 45cm/ half a yard, which is a lot for Dutch standards, the birds have a really hard time to find food. So before Christmas I decided to stock up on bird food, and cover the whole garden with feeders and bird seed. With result! Of course a lot of birdies were happy and blackbirds, pigeons, starlings, dunnocks, great tits and blue tits gathered to their Christmas dinner. But there was also a new kid on the block. The Green finch usually never stops by our house, but now it is so hard to find food, he stops by with two familybmembers! I hope he can soon find food in his own place again. Until that time I help them where I can, and enjoy their company too!


Purple Pony Art said...

How fun! I get sparrows and house finches at the bird feeder. I would love to be able to get good photos of them like this.

MirthQuake said...

I have a tripod with camera by the window all day, then I sit behind the curtain, and wait for it....veeeeery patiently!


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