Monday, December 27, 2010

Creativity as therapy

It has very little to do with drawing birds. But it just made me happy. There is therapy in creativity. And today I found some in making this mini moss garden. It is not quite like a moss terrarium, as it is not closed and self sufficient. This one needs water. I got a fabulous glass bowl from Santa this year and today I went out and bought pebbles, soil, moss and some tiny plants. No more than 14 euro. For everyone who's tempted; fill the bowl with washed pebbles(wash in a bucket of water with a sift) I used 5-8mm gravel. Then cover the surface with soil and place the plants that need the soil the most. Then build the different types of moss around it. I had Islandic Moss, Spagnum and some other type I don't know by name. The holes between plants and moss I filled with more pebbles.
I am going to buy these miniature guinea pigs to place on it to give you the idea it's a landscape.

Right, now I am off drawing birds again!

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