Wednesday, December 29, 2010

watercolor combined with my digital drawings

Having a week off works wonders. I've cleaned up my studio and I've had time to experiment a little. This is what I've come up with. A watercolor background on nice colors with my digital drawing in front of it.
This way I can achieve interesting color combinations that would be a great addition to any livingroom or bedroom! I've chosen colors that add something to the bird, and that I just like.
I often use 'analogue' hand sketched elements, or start with pencil and paper. This is another element that adds to the mixed media nature of my work. I am happy with it!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

European Greenfinch debuts.

With all the snow on the ground here; a staggering 45cm/ half a yard, which is a lot for Dutch standards, the birds have a really hard time to find food. So before Christmas I decided to stock up on bird food, and cover the whole garden with feeders and bird seed. With result! Of course a lot of birdies were happy and blackbirds, pigeons, starlings, dunnocks, great tits and blue tits gathered to their Christmas dinner. But there was also a new kid on the block. The Green finch usually never stops by our house, but now it is so hard to find food, he stops by with two familybmembers! I hope he can soon find food in his own place again. Until that time I help them where I can, and enjoy their company too!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Creativity as therapy

It has very little to do with drawing birds. But it just made me happy. There is therapy in creativity. And today I found some in making this mini moss garden. It is not quite like a moss terrarium, as it is not closed and self sufficient. This one needs water. I got a fabulous glass bowl from Santa this year and today I went out and bought pebbles, soil, moss and some tiny plants. No more than 14 euro. For everyone who's tempted; fill the bowl with washed pebbles(wash in a bucket of water with a sift) I used 5-8mm gravel. Then cover the surface with soil and place the plants that need the soil the most. Then build the different types of moss around it. I had Islandic Moss, Spagnum and some other type I don't know by name. The holes between plants and moss I filled with more pebbles.
I am going to buy these miniature guinea pigs to place on it to give you the idea it's a landscape.

Right, now I am off drawing birds again!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My dad's birthday and the birth of Le Ruffec!

After a final session of 4 hours non-stop drawing (no food, no bathroom stops) he's done!
This one I made for my dad. It's his birthday tomorrow, the 18th! After asking about his favorite bird when he was young he said: "The Ruffec!"
In the old days, my grandfather was very active in the sport of pigeon racing. And when my dad was a young boy he wanted to have a pigeon to look after too. He got a pair of pigeons he could pet and feed. And to everyone's surprise the male of these lovebirds flew from Ruffec, France home to his lady in the second fastest time! So my dad as a young boy won a prize with his bird! After a while it turned out that the first prize winner had cheated and my dad got the first prize: 25 gulden($15). Alas, this was confiscated by granddad to buy food for the pigeons. But the honor and pride he felt, caring for the birds lasts longer!

Happy birthday dad! Here's to many many healthy and happy years to come!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gift Certificate for Pillow cases (or any other item)

Now available in my Etsy shop: A gift certificate. Let's say you know your friend, sister, wife, girlfriend, daughter, daughter-law, mother, mother-in-law or all these people in a male version will like my pillowcase, give them this certificate. Of course if they prefer something else like a set of prints, they can use the certificate too!

It also relieves the last minute present-buying-stress, as you will receive the certificate by e-mail in pdf and you can print it out!
You will receive the certificate within two days after payment.

There are MirthQuake Gift Certificates available in any amount. Just convo me with the amount you would prefer and I will set up a listing!
If you prefer an actual mailed version, let me know. Its shipping is free, but of course takes longer to arrive. If you want me to e-mail or mail it to someone other than yourself, let me know in the message to seller as well.

Click here to buy it in my Etsy shop

Le Ruffec 3 - work in progress

This is Le Ruffec with freckles and the greenish glow on the neck. Going to let my arm rest a bit now!

Friday, December 10, 2010

A bit more of the pigeon

Here it is, the head the eye of my previous post belongs to!
It only is the rough version. More to come soon!


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