Saturday, November 6, 2010

Youtube interview by Jane Hardjono of THE DOSSIER!

Last month I got a visit from Jane Hardjono, the writer behind The Dossier. The Dossier is a website covering any design or art related thing in Eindhoven, also known as the Dutch Creative Files. Jane moved from Australia to Eindhoven and decided to embrace whatever it was she encountered. Eindhoven is a great city, but harder to settle into than for instance extrovert Amsterdam. Jane looks and finds! Next to The Dossier Jane works as a writer and 'practitioner of the Art of Communication'

When she visited me, I didn't know what to expect. I had never had the honor to be faced with a journalist who was probably going to ask tough questions about my work that I didn't know how to answer properly. And inevitably my answers would make my work look odd. I think after the 3 seconds after our handshake that psychologists say is needed to make a click or not, I felt calmer. And the rest of the afternoon was spend chatting about ALL kinds of things. Womanhood, art classes, high heels and of course BIRDS!

I was in Turkey when Jane e-mailed me the interview was done and placed on her website. I didn't have much time to check it, but when I did, I was so happy, honored and humbled. It did express who I am and why I draw birds. It gave me more confidence in calling myself an artist!

She made a clip she placed on Youtube you see here, and a written interview.

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thecraftingintrovert said...

So nice to put a face on your work :-) What a nice window to your creation. Daniela from France


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