Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Racing Pigeons -a dilemma

I am making a work for my dad. He's supported my business and his birthday is coming up. What would be better than draw a bird for him that meant something to him.
He occasionally reads my blog, so I am ruining the surprise here, but after asking about his favorite bird when he was young I think he probably got the clue. So when I asked him he said: "The Ruffec!"
In the old days, my grandfather was very active in the sport of pigeon racing. And when my dad was a young boy he wanted to have a pigeon to look after too. He got a pair of pigeons he could pet and feed. And to everyone's surprise the male of these lovebirds flew from Ruffec, France home to his lady in the second fastest time! So my dad as a young boy won a prize with his bird! After a while it turned out that the first prize winner had cheated and my dad got the first prize: 25 gulden($15). Alas, this was confiscated by granddad to buy food for the pigeons. But the honor and pride he felt, caring for the birds lasts longer!

My dad isn't into pigeon racing now. And personally, I do not like the sport much. I love birds, especially the ones in the wild. And I know there are people in this sport that adore their birds, I also know there are people that don't care for the birds, and it is all about the prize, not the love for the bird. Of course for my dad I can say he took good care of The Ruffec!

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