Saturday, November 20, 2010

Newsletter November

Here's a copy of my newsletter of november!!

November had a good start for MirthQuake: My webshop's name was mentioned in several newspapers here! There was an article on Etsy and my shop was first in the list op tips! And Dutch website has selected me for their website. They collect all kinds of webshops for people who look for cool and hip new things! The highlight was the interview Jane Hardjono made. She made a great Youtube clip on my work!

Next to that I have some small things to share with you like my hummingbird and my new 24x24 inch pillow cases (60x60 cm)

A huge honor: interview by Jane Hardjono of The Dossier. +YouTube clip! Last month I had a visit from Jane Hardjono, a journalist who moved from Australia to Eindhoven. Because she looked at Eindhoven with new eyes, and wanted to become a part of the city, she decided to collect all things she could find on design in Eindhoven and write about whatever she came across on her website The Dossier. And so she came across my work for an interview. After an afternoon of chatting about all kinds of things she had enough material for her article. Read it and watch the YouTube clip about my work!!!

Pillowcases! Things are going well with the pillow cases. So I decided to add a new larger type: for 24x24 inch pillows! Read about it here. They will be up in my shop soon! Here are the first four:

My newest illustration: The Rufous Hummingbird! I met this little hero in Canada. A rufous hummingbird lady had crashed into the window pane of our cabin. We thought she would die, which of course would've been terrible. Thankfully, after being warmed up on my hand she got up an flew away. Read the whole story here. What an amazing experience! Anyway, when I got home I started on a new work that is made up of different hummingbirds. This is the first one:the male. I got to know them as fanatic, sometimes aggressive but brave little birdies. For such tiny and cute little birds that is so fascinating!


I have put a few phases of the illustration in progress with explanation on my blog for who would like to see how I work. A peek in the kitchen!

Lately I have been ....

...sewing more pillowcases!

... adding more birds to my wishlist: The bald eagle, the Chickadee, the dark eyed Junco en Steller`s jay.

...refilling the birdfeeders a lot. And you?

All the best,

Myrte de Zeeuw.


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