Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pillow cases 24x24 inch / 60x60cm!

As I am a professional pillow case maker now, I keep an eye on what happens in my market;) Recently I saw a lot of big pillows in interior magazines. I was finding out how big they had to be and if there were pillow case inserts for them in the USA and Canada. 24x24 inch and our European 60x60cm pillow inserts would be the easiest to find now.
As I was researching, a customer approached me with the same question; do my pillowcases come in larger sized versions? So I decided to speed my designing up a bit and order the same organic cotton sateen for these new size pillow cases.
One more month and they will be in my shop as a Little Owl, English Robin, Winter Wren and pair of Crested Tits!

1 comment:

Pin-Feathers said...

I have a love for unique pillow cases - weird, I know but am looking forward to your new ones!


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