Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peek inside my kitchen

As you could read here, sketching is always the start of another bird. No matter how ugly the sketch may be, along the way I will always look for the paper or the file of the initial idea of the bird.
I might want to change the place of the bird on the sheet, adjust the
roundness of the belly, (I like chubby birds) or make the bill longer/shorter. Personally I always think sketching shouldn't take too long. Colors will eventually create the bird, but I always have to tell myself; if everything looks good on the sketch, then it will be much easier to make the bird better in a later stage.

Here's the color pallette of the male rufous hummingbird. I like working randomly with colors. When I need one, I will mix one up, instead of getting back to an orange I have used before. This will make it look more alive, I think. So in the end there may be 50-100 types of orange in one bird.

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