Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Rebel is done!

I know he was a part of this sketch, and trust me, he will be, but I've grown to love him and decided to give him a audience of his own. The male Rufous Humming bird represents the moody and agressive side of Humming birds that I saw in British Columbia. Read about my amazing moment in Mount Robson holding an unconscious hummingbird here. They have a feisty determination that I find very inspiring for such a little birdie!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Linesheet; an Overview of my prints

To help my customers a little, I've set up a modest linesheet of my work. It also gives me an idea of what the balance in color I have now. And I see that there are a lot of birds that are not represented in both categories. This means I have a lot of work to do! Updates will follow to this post!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pillow cases 24x24 inch / 60x60cm!

As I am a professional pillow case maker now, I keep an eye on what happens in my market;) Recently I saw a lot of big pillows in interior magazines. I was finding out how big they had to be and if there were pillow case inserts for them in the USA and Canada. 24x24 inch and our European 60x60cm pillow inserts would be the easiest to find now.
As I was researching, a customer approached me with the same question; do my pillowcases come in larger sized versions? So I decided to speed my designing up a bit and order the same organic cotton sateen for these new size pillow cases.
One more month and they will be in my shop as a Little Owl, English Robin, Winter Wren and pair of Crested Tits!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Crested Ttits on Fabric!

I've been trying to get my crested tit illustrations onto fabric. It took me quite long to get the dull repetition out of the design. I hate it when you see where the 'press' hits the fabric again. It is like being in the bathroom and looking at the tiles. I always ( and everyone probably knows the feeling) look for where the next tile of the prefab mosaic starts. I have it with patterns on fabric too. I go look for the same flower that is horizontally aligned. So I did my best to prevent that, or at least not make you see it in 0.01seconds.
The first version is on a light pink cotton voile/lawn for a light blouse with a victorian collar and pintucks. This is the first image. The birdies fly all over teh canas and look happy amongst the cherry blossoms. (already thinking about spring fashion)

Then there's the version that should look stripey. I know, I just claimed I didn't like to see repetition and here I go creating stripes. But I thought this time it would look nice. Add a nice touch. This one will be printed on basic organic cotton. I am thinking about a nice summer dress. A bit retro an bit new. A bit like in this post. The dress in the middle. Or perhaps when the fabrics arrive I will have another idea that I like better. I guess I have to be patient. It takes about a month before my fabrics arrive! Can't wait!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Peek inside my kitchen: Phase 2 to 11

So here's another bit of how I work: After the sketch phase I make fills that rouchly get the color they're supposed to end up with. This leads me to figure out where the different segments of the bird are: head, crown, wings. I use them as guides to paint the bird with its final feathers. The bird starts with 7 outlines, and in the phase on the right, he has over 3000 pencil strokes. Mind you, he is not ready. Sometimes I don't like an area and paint all over it again. I never delete anything. It is like a canvas that just gets painted again. No need to delete. The feather underneath another feather plays an important role too!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Rebel

Here's the moody cutey: The male of the hummingbird piece I am working on. This is what hummingbirds stand for, at least, for me
I saw two of them fighting each other when there was soom enough for 20 hummers.
what I also love about them is the white spot behind their eye. It adds a cartoonesque look to the little fellow. Honestly I didn't make it up!
I'll bet this rebel without a cause scares even the biggest of birds!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peek inside my kitchen

As you could read here, sketching is always the start of another bird. No matter how ugly the sketch may be, along the way I will always look for the paper or the file of the initial idea of the bird.
I might want to change the place of the bird on the sheet, adjust the
roundness of the belly, (I like chubby birds) or make the bill longer/shorter. Personally I always think sketching shouldn't take too long. Colors will eventually create the bird, but I always have to tell myself; if everything looks good on the sketch, then it will be much easier to make the bird better in a later stage.

Here's the color pallette of the male rufous hummingbird. I like working randomly with colors. When I need one, I will mix one up, instead of getting back to an orange I have used before. This will make it look more alive, I think. So in the end there may be 50-100 types of orange in one bird.


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