Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Tote Bags

This weekend I finally had some time to focus on adding new things to my etsy shop. Boyfriend was playing in the South of the Netherlands with his bike and some friends so I had 3 days to do as I pleased.(And eat what I wanted not to forget!) It resulted in listing 3 new bags and sorting out a lot of small flaws in my listings. I found new energy in cleaning up. It is I thing I am becoming aware of: a cleaned up place is pretty okay. Don't tell my mom. ("I told you so!") I guess it comes with age.
I actually want one for myself, but I have a deal with myself that I can only keep misprints or damaged goods. But I don't have any damaged bags yet. I keep them safely in a box so nothing can happen to them. So I guess I am going to send all these bags out to new hip owners.

Take a closer look here:
Eurasian Jay Tote bag (not pictured here)

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