Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspiring people Jane and Daniela

Last friday I had a fabulous Aussie in my studio: Jane Hardjono from The Dossier. The Dossier is a blog that focuses on anything creative happening in Eindhoven. I think the only blog in English that will get you to the design heart of Eindhoven. We had a great conversation about all kinds of things. From high heels to true Dutch cliches. But we also talked about the phenomenon artist, and how I feel about that term. Jane writes inspiring articles about artists and designers so she asked me some in-depth things that I hadn't given any thought yet. (later more on Jane and The Dossier)

Sometimes artists do what they like and not necessarily what the audience viewing the so called art like. It got me thinking; I think I need to make things that people like, or at least it would be hard for me to continue doing what I do if no one would respond to it in some way to it. Just when I started to figure that out I got a message from Daniela, and ornithologist from France. She told me she reads this blog regularly and ordered a cross stitch pattern of the King Fisher. She looked forward to creating things herself in her craftroom. All lovely things. She ended her lovely message with:"I hope you'll keep designing for many years to come!"
I tell you this is the type of response that I am making my work for. Perhaps it is like this: If you do what you love, there will be people who love what you do!

Thanks so much Jane and Daniela, for inspiring me!!

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thecraftingintrovert said...

Hi Myrte,
what a surprise to find me on your blog ;-) I'm very moved and glad that my little message touched you in such an important way. For me, art is like a language, each artist has his/her own vocabulary to express him/herself. And as much as the way you speak is your own way, as much the way you create should be YOUR way to say things. Maybe fewer people will respond to it, but it is the only way to stay credible. After all, why create something that already exists?
I love, love, love your birds. And it is with delight that I read the little stories which you tell about them. It is easier to create with YOUR feeling, which you are sure of, than trying to guess what others could be feeling...
Happy creating


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