Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mount Robson's a place to be!

And then there's another place that means something to me in Canada, starting this vacation. Mount Robson. The hummingbird incident happened there, and next to that it is a great place to sleep, raft, and eat! Mount Robson and more specifically Mount Robson Lodge , Mount Robson Whitewater Rafting and The Goat restaurant (where's that website Dave?)
To make clear how nice the cabin was at Mount Robson
Lodge I only have to show you one picture, the one of the view from the cabin:

That should be enough to convince you. But beside that, the family, The Cinnamons, running the place are really friendly. We talked to Gloria and Jody and his dad Paul, they told us loads of things about nature and the surroundings. They are truly dedicated to their guests and love Mount Robson. Jody filled me in on the fact that hummingbirds tend to fly against the window pane occasionally. His dad told us some nice places to go. The cabins are great, but you can also stay on the campsite. This is the area where you can see the Salmon jump up from the Fraser river. We saw only one because it was a little early in the season at Rearguard Falls, but a few miles south-west you can see a lot of them at Swift Creek. I just hope they monitor how tourists behave around those places. I, of course will always be a good girl. You can just sit by the water and watch the huge fish in the shallow creek. Unbelievable.

To find out just how fast and powerful the rapids are that salmon have to swim against, you can try some rafting at Mount Robson Whitewater Rafting. This was a personal victory for me, and I am proud of it, eventhough we were well looked after, it was scary in the beginning. Walking up the Stawamus Chief in Squamish had given me a panic attack on 10 meters from the top, so I was pretty nervous about rafting. I clung to a tree and that was the end of the climb for me! So what if I freak out in a boat: that's bad. Or if I panic in a boat in a rapid, oww, bad too. Or what if I panic in a boat-in a rapid-where I am expected to paddle because 6 others want to get out safely too? Worse. Luckily there was Shawn to guide 6 inexperienced tourists and Brett on call in his kayak. Cowboys ride waves in 2010. We were only a group of 6, so surely they could each save 3 people right? Shawn told us how it all worked and what to do in case of a (wo)man overboard. I listened very carefully and he was very funny about it, but still serious and professional enough to make me NOT FORGET. In the raft he told us all kinds of things about the surroundings, important places, people and of course to paddle FORWARD!!!!! Because we weren't drowning Brett had time for some moves with his kayak. The rapids were fantastic, and I could go on for hours! The rollercoaster feeling but then better, and more beautiful.
While I was calming down in between rapids with the stories Shawn told, I incidentally saw an American Dipper(check!) who has a love for rivers too. As long as tourists don't drown or act annoyingly, this must be a great job. Bruce who also made the photographs picked us all up and took us back to the lodge&campsite.
Photo courtesy Bruce from Mount Robson White Water Rafting.

The food at The Goat is wooonderful. A Dutch stomach doesn't respond well to daily fastfood, so looking for a good restaurant was always a priority. Dave, who is the owner and proprietor of The Goat does a fabulous job in making good food that is not too light for a hike( I walked up to Kinney Lake within the hour on his French Toast with Blueberries and Crumble) but not too heavy to drag yourself up the hill either. Just perfect. I like eating veggie (no, I am not a vegetarian, more a demi'tarian, I eat less meat, not every day, you know) and Crazy Dave is also Creative Dave. His meals have names like: Crazy Dave's Favorite Thing To Eat. And really, it will be worth the chance. When I wanted to order his delicious veggie burger again the second night we were dining there, he recommended the bean lasagna. A huge leap, I was afraid it might not be as delicious as the first night when I had the veggie burger. " It'll be better." he said. I was not disappointed.

Just seeing the photographs - I just know I will be back in cabin #2 one day!

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