Sunday, August 29, 2010

Interview with me! On Dutch Handmade!

A group of creative women in the Netherlands run the blog called Dutch Handmade. They all sell on Etsy and love to browse around the platform for Etsy sellers from The Netherlands.
One of them: Marylin Grando wanted to interview me. Such an honor. Thank you so much Marilyn!! She has asked me all kinds of things about my work, my future plans and . And I just kept on rambling of course.

This is how she introduced me:
Crafty Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves! I am happy and very glad, to have again stubled upon this creative designer, Myrte de Zeeuw. [...]This week we'll ask the 'feathers off off her birds!' And luckily she is very willing to fill us in on the details of her craft. [...]Do not hesitate to visit her shop, she makes the coolest bird prints, paper goods, pillows, card sets and jewellery items.
Read the entire interview! And check out some of the other articles and creative Dutchies on there!

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