Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ceci ce n'est pas une dead hummingbird- thankfully!

Back from an amazing vacation in Canada! The land of lumberjacks and bears (love them both equally). And also the land where I would shop for new birds to draw! Even the most ordinary bird can make me jump up and down. Ever since my first trip to Canada I knew it is hard to find a country that has more of what I want: the sheer beauty of nature and the wild! They are so close to the normal world in Canada. Just when you think you can handle it, rafting the rivers, walking up the mountains, you realise it is so big and powerful and you feel small again.
In all this great beauty, I was fascinated by the little things. Little things with feathers that I can draw!
In Victoria I saw the first hummingbirds, but they were so high up a tree that I gave up on photographing them. In a lovely place in Mount Robson(later more on this) I saw two of them feeding on one of those sweetened water bird feeders. I jumped up and tried to photograph it, but she/he saw me of course, and took off. A couple of blurred pics as a result.

Then the day of our departure; I woke up and a hummingbird was lying on the patio of our cabin. It looked dead. Quite dead indeed, little paws up in the air, eyes shut. This wasn't going to be my hummingbird kodak moment was it?? I looked at it and wanted to check if it was still breathing. I got a teaspoon to lift it, and put it in my hand to have a good look. Suddenly it opened its little eye and there was hope! For 15 minutes I sat motionless(besides of moving to make a picture) and hoped the warmth of my hands might help him recover on that chilly morning. Then I turned it over-little feet down- because, well it seemed more comfortable to me, for the little fellow. Within seconds it opened both its eyes and carefully tested its wings, and flew off. Of course I didn't have time or the notion to photograph that because I was jumping up in the air. It flew a bit uneasy and not as fast as they can, but it went safely to a tree. Only glad it didn't get a heart attack and died on the spot anyway from seeing me when he woke up.


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kraplap said...

ohhh so small !!


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