Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two lovely blogs!

Kevin of I Love Handmade and Chelsea of PixelCouture we so kind to feature one of my birds on their blog! What a lovely way to discover their blogs! I Love Handmade covers "beautiful handmade products from around the world" What an honor to be selected for a blog with that subtitle! Pixel Couture is a blog that connects Etsy sellers with their buyers and provides all kinds of resources for Etsians. Thanks so much guys!!! It is great to get this type of feedback. It is unbelievably valuable to me! Kevin has an Etsy shop of himself too: Dig the Earth with his graphic design. As has Chelsea: IslaPink with bright jewelry.


Dig The Earth said...

Thank you so much for the mention on your lovely blog, it's very much appreciated :)

Many thanks
Kev said...

Yes, thank you for the link back as well! Your birds are wishes! I appreciate it!



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