Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bags, a test!

I have been thinking about making bags ever since I came bag from New York last fall. Now I finally found the time to make one from the pillow fabric that I ordered as a test run. I want to have fabric printed especially for this goal, and I am thinking of small cute canvas handbags with my birds placed in funny angles looking around. More will follow soon.
This bag has two pockets and is made of cotton. It is big enough for a laptop and some books.
You can take a better look here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here's another peek inside my work, for who's interested. Here you can see a little of what happens before I start coloring. I have made a pencil sketch and defined a general outline. There is no reason for me to actually stay inside the lines, but it gives me a clue on where to go. In patches I define color. Here you see that I have altered the eye and the crest of the bird already, compared to my previous post. I don't work very systematically. What works best for me is to work on something that bothers me. If I don't do it immediately, I get blocked and don't see it anymore. Then I have to take a walk.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Work in progress, the crested tit

Now I am thinking about it I might as well post some work in progress on my blog. I have been planning for a long time, but I always forget. This is a detail of the three crested tits I am drawing. It still needs some work of course but this is the base. I always start with a sketch and then add some base color. If that is done I really don't feel like it is going anywhere until I add the eye. At this stage I am filling in the base feathers. Below the wireframe image of every stroke I make. There are over 6000 strokes done already. This what makes working with graphic software so nice. You get to know silly things like how many times your pen touches the 'paper'. A big part of a good representation is the movement of the feathers.

In the meantime I have enlarged the eye a little and I am now half way through the process of making the first one. I want to display them with a branch of a spring flower. But I am still looking at which flowers are most suitable.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two lovely blogs!

Kevin of I Love Handmade and Chelsea of PixelCouture we so kind to feature one of my birds on their blog! What a lovely way to discover their blogs! I Love Handmade covers "beautiful handmade products from around the world" What an honor to be selected for a blog with that subtitle! Pixel Couture is a blog that connects Etsy sellers with their buyers and provides all kinds of resources for Etsians. Thanks so much guys!!! It is great to get this type of feedback. It is unbelievably valuable to me! Kevin has an Etsy shop of himself too: Dig the Earth with his graphic design. As has Chelsea: IslaPink with bright jewelry.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Featured on Creature Comforts Blog!

The lovely Ez of the Creature Comforts Blog has featured my Blue Jay as part of her series Inspiration Daily! He blog covers all kinds of design and inspiration. I love her blog and the fact that isn't limited to only home decor, or only fashion, Ez just covers everything that defines her style. Even more reason to be honored that my Blue Jay was selected! Thanks so much Ez!
Check her blog out, here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another nature lover: Allie Cavander

A few days ago I received this lovely photo I bought from an Etsy friend of mine Allie Cavender. She has a photography shop on etsy called Allieart4children. I think she looks at birds just the same as I do, I mean look at this courageous little Tufted Titmouse! The way he looks into the world is so touching and funny! You can see his chracter shine through. I adore this picture!! It will be framed and hung in our livingroom, this little cutie.
Check her birds here!!, but for florals, delicate close-ups, and landscapes you should check out her shop too!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Blue Jay - the Prince of the Adirondacks

Please allow me to introduce the Blue Jay of the Adirondacks. He is dressed like a prince. Beautifully decorated with crown and bright feathers, sitting on his throne, a telephone pole. I have seen quite a lot of princes on my holiday in the eastern states of the USA so I reckon he shares the land with a lot of collegues.

Mag ik u voorstellen; de Blauwe Gaai van de Adirondacks. Hij is gekleed als een prins, prachtig gedecoreerd, met kroon en fel gekleurde veertjes. Hij zit op zijn troon, een telefoonpaal. Ik heb er een hoop van gezien in Amerika, dus hij moet het land delen met veel collega-prinsjes.

Blue jay is missing his feet

I know he is not quite finished yet, but I always say to myself that I want to show the creative process on my blog and still forget to when I am actually IN the process.
Well what this does tell you, is that I make the feet at the last stage. And the background too. I was taught to always first fill in the background at art class, but I am now rebelling against that rule.
I always start with the idea of which bird I want to draw and as a final touch how I want the background to look. Of course I have a general idea already. I remember one specific Blue Jay when we were in the Adirondacks. The weather was getting a little better, and we've just spend the night at Art's B&B The Cinnamon Bear in Inlet NY. A lovely place where we met Art who is ultra friendly and told us all about the area, the USA and his family. We were driving towards Vermont with the fresh good memories still in our head when we saw a Blue Jay cross the road and look at us. It was very quiet and there were no cars in sight so we decided to put the car in reverse and try to check this little prince out. Because that was what he looked like, bright and decorated, almost unreal in the middle of all the bright orange and yellow birch trees. For me the whole picture was complete. The good memories, the wonderful nature around us. A perfect world. So now I want to show this prince on his throne(being a telephone post) with all the orange foliage surrounding him.

Ik weet het, hij is nog niet helemaal af, en ik zeg altijd tegen mezelf dat ik het hele creative process ook wil tonen op mijn blog, maar als ik er midden in zit vergeet ik het weer. Maar wat dit je in elk geval wel zegt is dat ik zijn voetjes op het laatst invul. En de achtergrond ook. Tijdens teken-les werd me geleerd eerst te beginnen met de achtergrond, maar nu kom ik daar dus tegen in opstand.
Ik begin met inspiratie voor een bepaalde vogel, en dan denk ik na over de achtergrond. Natuurlijk heb ik al wel een idee. Ik moet steeds denken aan een specifieke Blauwe gaai die ik heb gezien in de Adirondacks upstate New York. Het weer werd beter en we hadden net geslapen bij Art's B&B The Cinnamon Bear in Inlet. Een gezellige plek waar Art ons vertelde over de omgeving, Amerika en zijn familie. We reden richting Vermont met de herinneringen die we net hadden aangemaakt toen we een Blauwe gaai de weg over zagen steken. Hij keek ons aan, en omdat het niet druk was reden we een stukje achteruit om 'm te bekijken. Hij zag eruit als een prinsje. Fel gekleurd en gedecoreerd bijna onwerkelijk tegen de oranje/gele achtergrond van berkenbomen. Het plaatje was compleet. Goede herinneringen, de prachtige natuur, alles was perfect! Het leidde ertoe dat ik deze prins op zijn troon(een telefoonpaal) wil portretteren omgeven door de prachtige herfst kleuren.


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