Thursday, July 23, 2009

Proud King Fisher

Pleased and proud this little King Fisher sits on a branch overlooking the water. I think he just had lunch, because he seems to enjoy a moment. He's listening to the water and to whomever might want to ruin this peaceful moment.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The little Owl

Finally the little owl is done. It is a baby little owl actually. He still has down on his head. but his wings look more and more like the wings of an adult. Little Owls are moody looking little beauties. I think owls are the strangest birds. They look and behave a bit like cats the yellow eyes, the hunt for mice- except the flying part ; ). This one has a lot to learn to become like the wise owl that once assisted the goddess Athene.

My boyfriend Martijn's uncle Jan has a barn on his land. It is falling apart but since a few years a family of little owls squat in the barn. This young bird is part of the group of squatters. They watch him and aunt Jeanne walk through the garden with their grand children and aren't bothered much. That's what little owls do, just going about their own routine. Perhaps they watch uncle Jan and aunt Jeanne raise their grand children just as fascinated as they watch the owl family raise theirs.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My favorite bird.

Jennifer Hutchings from Dances with flowers is a bit under the weather I am afraid. We've been e-mailing back and forth about birds and big plans but now she's ill. She's asked me to write a guest post for her blog in the time she is doing her best to getting better. Her question was to write something about my garden or my favorite bird. I of course chose the latter:

My favorite bird.
When someone asks me what my favorite bird is, I start browsing through my head and I think of all the different species.
The starling is fantastic because he walks so swiftly and produces the greatest sounds.
I like the blue titmouse because he wears a blue hat. The modest dunnock that moves in intervals of a second, freezeframing before hopping one step further.
The serious-looking little owl I am currently working on, because the bird I am working on is always the one that is mostly on my mind.
Then I get to the blackbird, the European blackbird, that is completely black with only that bright orange bill, obviously one of my favorites, the macho man in my garden. And then I think of one particular blackbird. The one that isn't blessed with an even set of black feathered that dress him. This blackbird has a bald spot on his head around his bill. It looks like he has a piece of his head missing. He was there when we just moved into our new house and he's seen us work hard to renovate the place. Now almost 2 years later he is still there. He always picks a spot on the roof of our shed, or the top of a cut down tree. He enjoys the sun there and I watch him because he looks a bit goofy with his bald spot. He is not beautiful like the other blackbirds. When you look at him you immediatly see that he's not the most handsome blackbird in my neighborhood.
I used to worry about him. Knowing how hard humans can be on someone who looks different. How people stare at others with even the slightest imperfection.
But now I no longer worry, because I have seen him feed his young. He has a woman and a family and that certainly gives a blackbird happiness!!
You see blackbirds don't care about a perfect face or body. Female blackbirds listen to the song of a blackbird. They listen to what the male has to say to them, and then fall in love. We have a lot to learn from birds.

Update: see the post on Jen's blog here:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My first point of sale!!!!!!

Finally I can say what I have been hoping to say. I have my first point of sale!!! In the heart of Amsterdam there is a lovely shop called Egg Mercantile Some time back I went to Amsterdam and hopped from shop to shop, writing all shopnames down where I would love to see my work.
Egg Mercantile was on the number one spot and I approached them. Thankfully after meeting them I was thrilled to learn they would like to sell some of my work. Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.

Late summer or start of this fall some of my signed limited edition prints will be available there as well as my pinback buttons.

Check out their website, they have a wonderful webshop (international shipping!)with the most tasteful design.

The address:
Egg Mercantile
Leliegracht 6
(between Herengracht & Keizersgracht)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Giveaway -Guess Who II

We have a winner!!
Swee Leng has won the giveaway.
The right answer was in fact The Little Owl, Athene Noctua!
She will receive the signed and dated print in her mailbox!!

I guess I wasn't specific enough so I will give you a little more of the visuals. We can see that it's an owl now....but what kind of owl?? Remember that I haven't finished the bird either yet. The colours might be a little different, and he hasn't got all of his feathers yet...
The bird lives in the temperate and warmer parts of Europe, parts of Asia and North Africa.
It was introduced in Great Britain and New Zealand, too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GIVEAWAY!! Limited edition print.

My current project is this critter you see here. It isn't nearly finished but perhaps you can see what direction I am going in.
If you guess exactly what the name of this bird is, you will receive a signed limited edition print of him or her! This work belongs to my ornithology plate series.
If the picture itself isn't enough for you; there is a very obvious hint in title. But I need to know exactly the name of this particular bird.
State your answer in the comments, and the first one with the correct answer will get the print!!
Good luck!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lilac-breasted Roller- Coracias Caudata

For my globetrotting sister Corine, out of sight, but always in my heart.

The Lilac Breasted Roller- Coracias caudata.
This bird is like the tabloid star of African birds. It is the most photographed bird of Africa. The lilac Breasted Roller is quite comfortable with all this attention she gets. Everyone visiting Africa will be amazed by the amount of colours her feathers have and the length of her tail. The Dutch word for the family of birds she belongs to is Scharrelaar which also means something like hanging about here and there and not doing all that much. That also fits the description of the most celebs in the human world these day. I am not saying any names.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MirthQuake Newsletter July 09

Here's a recap of my latest news!

A lot has happened in Mirthquake land and I am branching out!

- Giclee prints
Soon there will be limited edition certified giclee prints available. I am also meeting up with a company that can print my birds on several home decor objects I have in mind. I will keep you all updated when I know more. Ah, in the meantime I can't stop dreaming so I dreamt myself a bedding line. That naturally will be followed by a clothing line, or the other way around.

- FACEBOOK and fanpage
I have a facebook fanpage that I would like to invite everyone to. Become a fan by clicking on this link. You can post reviews, suggest birds I should work on, see how I work, etc. You're most welcome to join! I will also keep you updated with my normal Facebook profile:

- Trunkt portfolio and Retail.
I am planning to approach more off-line, real time shops. Hopefully I will pluck up enough courage to meet up with more. To show myself 'out there' I have made a Trunkt portfolio.
This is aimed at wholesale buyers. You can view it here. When there will be more shops that have my work I will let you know a.s.a.p of course!

- Blog update
It has been hot over here, check out the family of great tits taking a bath in my backyard! Hot birds!!

-I am currently working on...
I am still working on the lilac breasted roller, you can see its progress here. I am also looking for two other amazing African birds to make the series complete. I have my sister's pictures to browse through and find some marvellous shots of beautiful pictures.
The owl also still on my list. In my uncle's back yard there's a pair of little owls nesting, quite rare and an inspiration for my newest project of course!

Stay updated on Giveaways, new birds and their stories on Sign up to follow the updates or follow me on or facebook:

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