Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My work in VTwonen!!!!

Yesterday evening I got a happy e-mail from Steven, one of the owners of the lovely and fabulous shop The Otherist in Amsterdam,(and also my stockist). A while ago he told me someone from VTwonen had picked 2 of my prints, and there was a chance they could end up in the magazine. I watched the October issue and bought the November issue and sort of gave up after that. But he told me that my Starling and my great Tit are in the December issue!! I am thrilled!!! On page 92 and 107 my two sweeties help the stylist make a lovely point. So get the magazine! Not only for my birds, but also because it is so very inspiring and will give you loads of great ideas!


Happybee said...

hey congrats for the feature then!!!!!

vadjutka said...

huge grats!!


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