Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here they are!! The fabrics I have designed! They were photographed in the evening so the colors don't really look good, but I am so thrilled about this new endeavour! I just keep looking at the pile of new fabrics. I have already ironed them to test shrinkage and what the color does when it is touched by an iron. It remains lovely and colorful... I cannot wait to get sewing! Above you see the fabric that is going to get turned into a pencil skirt! Below the fabrics that I intend to make a bag from, and perhaps something else.

And then there's the fabric for the pillows! I also love the fact that it is ecofriendly and just so high in print quality!
I hope to have everything ready next weekend... I won't sleep!


BNdesign said...

oh ziet er goed uit! ben benieuwd hoe het er verwerkt uitziet :)

kraplap said...

ohhhh dat ziet er prachtig uit ! heel erg jalours hier.....

sMacThoughts said...

These are incredibly beautiful!


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