Friday, October 2, 2009

What else I do in my vacation:

How to love Ikea furniture..even after 15 years
From the moment I needed to buy furniture I have had this love/hate for Ikea.
The quick solutions, the low cost and of course the witty design has brightened much of our lives. I have bought lamps, rugs, bedding, boxes, closets and beds at that place, but always with a feeling that it was a short term solution and I wanted to save for something REALLY special and unique. Because with a run of 10.000's you can't really call it unique design. Years ago, my mom bought this wooden dresser in pine. Pine....the ultimate Ikea material. That is the hate part. I've seen houses filled with the Ikea pine and hated it. Well, to all the people sharing this feeling, I have spend my time off applying some paint and I have rid myself from my last pine dresser. Follow my example by getting some paint in one of these colors:
Use paint that is not harmful for the environment. That adds to the fact that we're reusing this ugly dresser by giving it a second chance!
Then buy some antique porcelain knobs somewhere or shop at Anthropologie.
I bought these knobs at a shop in Eindhoven that unfortunately I couldn't save from being closed down.
Then this is the result:While your at it, use another color on the walls!

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