Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pillow fight no longer in boring white!

I hope it will take a few weeks until the next time you're having a slumber party. By that time I hope to have these birdies available. They're MirthQuake pillow cases! And just like yesterday's post, I have ordered some fabric with my friends on it. The quality of the fabric will be organic cotton sateen ( GOTS certification) and the back will be in a nice matching color. As with the skirt fabric it will be a test to see if people will like this.
I kinda do. I mean, hanging up frames is a hassle, popping old pillow inserts in these cases is a job anyone can do right?
I guess it will be a matter of weeks until these pillows will be up in my etsy shop. If you would like to be informed when exactly you can also e-mail me, and I will keep you posted! mirthquake at gmail.com


Pragya said...

These look fab!! Can't wait to see more :)

Chichiboulie said...


Happybee said...

they are awesome!!!!

Allie said...

They look gorgeous! I want one! :)

susan said...

I am very interested in both the skirt and the pillows.

They're wonderful


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