Saturday, September 26, 2009

The man behind MirthQuake

Last August I had the pleasure of writing a little story to honor the man behind Mirthquake for the European Street Team Blog. This is the article: And checking out the EST blog is more than worth it, so please do, but I have repeated here what I have to say about him:

"My boyfriend Martijn is the opposite of me and rarely understands what I am doing. When I explain my creative ideas he waits to see where the project will lead to, in his mind doubtful if it will be any good. He keeps it cool when I lose my head. But when there is a craft show or an obscure place to visit for supplies he's there by my side! He loves shopping just as much as I do.
He is the tidiest person I know, and for him it isn't easy, living in one house with a messy girlfriend. I tend to draw on my pc for hours without eating or excersizing. He deserves extra points for making sure I take better care of myself, by dragging me on my bike and race for a couple of hours, or sitting me down for lunch. Something we do have in common is our sense of humor and the joy of watching little creatures everywhere in the world. He appreciates squirrels and robins almost as much as I do. This tells me he is such a good person."

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twostraycats said...

Yay for good men :)



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