Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blueberry muffins recipe- Remember Summer!

As I was talking about earlier I went blueberry picking in Achel- A lovely place!
So I had about 3 kgs of blueberries that I also put in my freezer. Yesterday I got them out to make muffins! I got a recipe from www.Allrecipes.com that I slightly altered. I used all organic ingredients.
I love the way American recipes sound so old fashioned, with the use of cups and certain terms like 'folding' the blueberries in the mixture.
But unfortunately I don't have anything to measure a 'cup' in. Thanksfully the Allrecipes website has a calculate/convert function that transforms the ingredients into amounts that I understand being Myrte de Zeeuw.

What a recipe comes down to is throwing in the ingredients and if I have any say in it, the recipes would be explained like this:

#1 preheat oven to 400F or 200C and grease muffin cups.
#2 -Mix A:
470grams of flour
375 sugar
8grams of salt
2 x16grams sachets of backing powder
#3-Mix B:
200ml vegatable oil
3 eggs
200ml milk
#4 Mix A+B together
#5 Fold in 400grams of blueberries, if they come out of the freezer you have to be extra careful, they will stay firm and fresh when they are cold. But as long soon as they melt you get a mushy mixture. So add the blueberries when they are still pretty cold.
#6 Make a mixture of 250 grams of sugar, 100grams of flour,150grams of butter and 10grams of cinnamon. Use a fork and stir the stuff until it is a dry crumbly mixture.

#7 Fill the cups with the A+B mix up to the rim, and sprinkle the cumbly mixture over it and place in the oven. Bake for 20 minutes and stick a skewer in them to see if it comes out dry. Then they're done!

I would never be a good cook, because I am messy and chaotic. And most of my culinairy creations fall apart(as did the muffins) but the taste is good anyway, and after 2 hours of cleaning everyone's happy again :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The man behind MirthQuake

Last August I had the pleasure of writing a little story to honor the man behind Mirthquake for the European Street Team Blog. This is the article: http://europeanst.blogspot.com/2009/08/men-behind-besides-women-martjin-is.html And checking out the EST blog is more than worth it, so please do, but I have repeated here what I have to say about him:

"My boyfriend Martijn is the opposite of me and rarely understands what I am doing. When I explain my creative ideas he waits to see where the project will lead to, in his mind doubtful if it will be any good. He keeps it cool when I lose my head. But when there is a craft show or an obscure place to visit for supplies he's there by my side! He loves shopping just as much as I do.
He is the tidiest person I know, and for him it isn't easy, living in one house with a messy girlfriend. I tend to draw on my pc for hours without eating or excersizing. He deserves extra points for making sure I take better care of myself, by dragging me on my bike and race for a couple of hours, or sitting me down for lunch. Something we do have in common is our sense of humor and the joy of watching little creatures everywhere in the world. He appreciates squirrels and robins almost as much as I do. This tells me he is such a good person."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Participating Good To Know #5 by Pikaland!!

Amy from Pikaland has started another great project to help artists and illustrators with the struggles they have in everyday life. The Good to Know Project is full of advice + inspiration from artists/illustrators/designers on creativity, business and life. Every month, she asks one question and forward it to friends of Pikaland, who in turn will share their thoughts on a particular subject.
The last question was something that was really often on my mind. I often hear discussions on the topic and I have my own issues with it, so I decided to share my thoughts. The questions was this:
Do you think that artists need to have degrees or qualifications from art school in order to be one?
I myself have followed a private fashion school that is not the norm over here. I have searched for the right way for myself and came to the conclusion that perhaps I should've made different choices. Gone to art school and get a degree in the visual arts perhaps...or not, perhaps the road I took has shaped me better. A lot of artists are thinking about this issue and she's compiled them in the newest issue of Good To Know.
To get a copy visit http://pikaland.com/goodtoknow
It is the biggest issue so far and full of interesting opinions! See the preview on her website!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fine Art Prints

his weekend I got them! the samples of my new line of high end prints. They will be made in a limited run of 50 and each comes with a certificate and will be listed in the Hahnemuhle archive to make sure that the owner can check if he or she posesses a genuine print. The prints will also have a hologram seal on the back.

The prints have to give you the idea that they come out of an old ornithology book with big pages you have to lay out on the table. You know the ones that you have to move your whole arm to turn a page. They will be 48*60cm/ 16.5*23.5 inch. Here you see the owl on the actual size( without the rest of the image, as you can see it will be a bigger print in total)

With normal printing at my local print shop I can never get a nicely structured paper. Laser printing can't handle that. With this technique you have a choice of the most wonderful papers.

Here you see the structure I chose. It looks like watercolor/etching paper. Almost handmade. I intend to approach shops and galleries with this new print. I am totally in love with it and can't wait to see one in full.
Look at how well the detail is visible. There are no dots visible and the blurring of the colors and feathers that I do, comes across really well.


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