Friday, August 21, 2009

My own font

Using already existing fonts never made me completely satisfied. Not because I didn't like it, but because it wasn't my design. It was always bugging me that I didn't make it by myself. But I am not a font designer, I have ideas on the subject and I know what I am looking for, but I can't write the program, the file. I have no idea how it works in a computer. I never learned to program a .ttf file. I am a bird nerd, not a computer nerd.

Thankfully there are other clever people who came up with this website and after paying a few dollars you get your .ttf file from your font design. So you design each letter, and they put it in computer language.

So today, after some days designing each letter, I made my own font that will be used for the name of the bird on my ornithology plate series. I feel better about this. It makes it more special. because of this I will only use it for my special high end giclee prints.

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twostraycats said...

Wonderful font ~ and your design :)
I love visiting your blog to see what's new!



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