Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MirthQuake Newsletter August 09

After a short stay in the French Alps and assisting my boyfriend cycle the Marmotte I kinda feel like summer is over. You can feel autumn approaching already. Once you get over the fact that spring is a long time ago and get adjusted to the idea of having cosy dinners by the fireplace and not to forget a new autumn warderobe, it isn't so bad.

- Fabrics and fashion
I was trained a fashion designer and I still work as an independant and freelance designer. I love fashion and hate fashion, the clothes are great but the scene can be cruel and earth swallowing. However, everythime I step away from it, it calls me again. I have been playing around with the throught that feathers would make a great attire for us human beings. Real feathers are usually not obtained in an animal friendly way, and I want to use my style of feathers. I have designed some fabrics that have the feathers of my birds on them, and some dresses made with printed fabrics and feature my birds larger than life. You can see them on my blog. If anyone is interested I intend to make them.

- The Little Owl
My newest work the Little Owl is being printed as we speak. It is a baby little owl actually. He still has down on his head. but his wings look more and more like the wings of an adult. Little Owls are moody looking little beauties. I think owls are the strangest birds. They look and behave a bit like cats the yellow eyes, the hunt for mice- except the flying part ; ). This one has a lot to learn to become like the wise owl that once assisted the goddess Athene.
- My first stockist; Amsterdam.
In the heart of Amsterdam there is a lovely shop that used to be called Egg Mercantile, but that has changed its name in The Otherist. It is in the heart of Amsterdam, on the Leliegracht.

- Blog update
If you are close to the Belgian-Dutch border around Achel and still have time before autumn is here I would love to recommend a visit to a place where you can pick blueberries by yourself and be surrounded by the beautiful land of 'The Bever'. The place truely is beautiful and if you are close to Achel you should go there a.s.a.p. it is a peaceful place in the middle of a national park. There are no pesticides used and the place is crammed with birds and insects enjoying the silence. If you pick the berries yourself you also save a lot of money, they practically cost nothing.

-I am currently working on...
..Getting ready for the Carftparking Fair in Maastricht! You're welcome to come and meet me and my birds there!

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