Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The French Alps!

What a great week it was in the French Alps. We hiked and watched some birds. I am freshly inspired not only by the birds but also Martijn's accomplishment of cycling the Marmotte. According to wikipedia one of the toughest one day cyclosportive events. 174km of cycling, 5180 meters of climbing.
Alpine Chough. He looks so tough but makes the sweetest chirring sounds.

Up on 2200 meters we saw crossbills and several finches.
On the roughest rocks you find the most delicate flowers.
2000 Sheep make sure the field stays suitable for skiing.

Icecold water in a lake up the mountain. A great escape when in the valley it is hot.

Lovely flowers and little paths to walk through the mountains!
After reaching the Col du Glandon, the Col Du Télégraphe, there was the Col du Galibier, and after that the Alpe D'Huez. Martijn did all of them in one day and completed La Marmotte in a very respectable time!
Of course not without my help. I waited for him on top of the mountains to fill up water and food. Just like in the Tour de France :).
Tough man!! As a trophee I bought a mug with a marmot on it!
Worth the effort huh?!


ArtMind said...

We've been several times in the area. Do you know by any chance Prapic? It's supersmall and just has the cutest campsite! I love it there!
Did you see the mountain marmottes too? They are HUGE! :)

Swiedebie said...

The pics are good shots. :) I love mountain trekking and been doing it since I moved to NL. Thank u for sharing!

somepinkflowers said...

what greats photos
thanks ever~so for the trip


it is so hot here in florida
i really
~~ needed ~~
a quick get*away
to the french alps ♥


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