Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birds in fashion!

As some of you might know I am actually a fashion designer. I was trained a fashion designer and I still work as an independant and freelance designer. Strange perhaps, to label yourself as something these days because people switch between professions and change their destiny all the time. A good thing too. I once read that Barbara Hulanicki, the founder of fashion label Biba, said that once you could design one thing, you can design anything. It gives me hope I wil be asked to design a car by Mercedes or something one day. One with a big chicken on it :)

But I digress. I would like to unite my fashion design and my bird illustrations in one collection of styles or fabrics. I love fashion and hate fashion, the clothes are great but the scene can be cruel and earth swallowing. However, everythime I step away from it, it calls me again. I have been playing around with the throught that feathers would make a great attire for us human beings. Real feathers are usually not obtained in an animal friendly way, and I want to use my style of feathers. I have designed some Tees with my birds and fabrics that have the feathers of my birds on them, and some dresses made with printed fabrics and feature my birds larger than life. I'd love to know what people think of it!


Maureen'sFoodPassion said...

I love the bird tees! I think they're really cute. Birds are quite trendy in fashion, nowadays. And I really like that violet dress inspired by the roller. So colorful yet elegant =)

sMacThoughts said...

Love the tshirts as well...I'd love tank tops. :)

Dale Forbes said...

that lilacbreasted roller on the black dress is really bold. what a wonderful bird. pity about the call, but what a wonderful bird, nonetheless!



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