Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MirthQuake Newsletter July 09

Here's a recap of my latest news!

A lot has happened in Mirthquake land and I am branching out!

- Giclee prints
Soon there will be limited edition certified giclee prints available. I am also meeting up with a company that can print my birds on several home decor objects I have in mind. I will keep you all updated when I know more. Ah, in the meantime I can't stop dreaming so I dreamt myself a bedding line. That naturally will be followed by a clothing line, or the other way around.

- FACEBOOK and fanpage
I have a facebook fanpage that I would like to invite everyone to. Become a fan by clicking on this link. You can post reviews, suggest birds I should work on, see how I work, etc. You're most welcome to join! I will also keep you updated with my normal Facebook profile:

- Trunkt portfolio and Retail.
I am planning to approach more off-line, real time shops. Hopefully I will pluck up enough courage to meet up with more. To show myself 'out there' I have made a Trunkt portfolio.
This is aimed at wholesale buyers. You can view it here. When there will be more shops that have my work I will let you know a.s.a.p of course!

- Blog update
It has been hot over here, check out the family of great tits taking a bath in my backyard! Hot birds!!

-I am currently working on...
I am still working on the lilac breasted roller, you can see its progress here. I am also looking for two other amazing African birds to make the series complete. I have my sister's pictures to browse through and find some marvellous shots of beautiful pictures.
The owl also still on my list. In my uncle's back yard there's a pair of little owls nesting, quite rare and an inspiration for my newest project of course!

Stay updated on Giveaways, new birds and their stories on Sign up to follow the updates or follow me on or facebook:

Myrte de Zeeuw


Destiny's Creations said...

I am so happy to see that I am not the only new person on trunkt. I just received my acceptance today. It looks like you also have alot of great things ahead as well and I wish you look as you embark into this new territory!

My Best!

Allie said...

Wow! Congratulations Myrte! I love your work so much! A bedding line and clothing line would be incredible! Keep us posted on your progress!

And the roller is one of my very favorite birds!

I have awarded you a Lemonade award! Stop by when you have a minute to learn more!


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