Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The little Owl

Finally the little owl is done. It is a baby little owl actually. He still has down on his head. but his wings look more and more like the wings of an adult. Little Owls are moody looking little beauties. I think owls are the strangest birds. They look and behave a bit like cats the yellow eyes, the hunt for mice- except the flying part ; ). This one has a lot to learn to become like the wise owl that once assisted the goddess Athene.

My boyfriend Martijn's uncle Jan has a barn on his land. It is falling apart but since a few years a family of little owls squat in the barn. This young bird is part of the group of squatters. They watch him and aunt Jeanne walk through the garden with their grand children and aren't bothered much. That's what little owls do, just going about their own routine. Perhaps they watch uncle Jan and aunt Jeanne raise their grand children just as fascinated as they watch the owl family raise theirs.


Ravenhill said...

Oh, this owl is just breathtakingly beautiful... haunting... love it!
~Emily xx

Swiedebie said...

Wow, it is very beautiful, Myrte. :)

jhottent said...

Myrte, outstanding ... seems alive and looks at you in just the same way as the original.



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