Friday, July 3, 2009

Lilac-breasted Roller- Coracias Caudata

For my globetrotting sister Corine, out of sight, but always in my heart.

The Lilac Breasted Roller- Coracias caudata.
This bird is like the tabloid star of African birds. It is the most photographed bird of Africa. The lilac Breasted Roller is quite comfortable with all this attention she gets. Everyone visiting Africa will be amazed by the amount of colours her feathers have and the length of her tail. The Dutch word for the family of birds she belongs to is Scharrelaar which also means something like hanging about here and there and not doing all that much. That also fits the description of the most celebs in the human world these day. I am not saying any names.


Allie said...

Beautiful, Myrte!

ayca said...

very lovely bird:)


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