Friday, July 10, 2009

Giveaway -Guess Who II

We have a winner!!
Swee Leng has won the giveaway.
The right answer was in fact The Little Owl, Athene Noctua!
She will receive the signed and dated print in her mailbox!!

I guess I wasn't specific enough so I will give you a little more of the visuals. We can see that it's an owl now....but what kind of owl?? Remember that I haven't finished the bird either yet. The colours might be a little different, and he hasn't got all of his feathers yet...
The bird lives in the temperate and warmer parts of Europe, parts of Asia and North Africa.
It was introduced in Great Britain and New Zealand, too.


Swiedebie said...

This owl, yes it also does live in Asia, & it lives in East of Korea. It is "The Little Owl" (Athene Noctua).

LeelaBijou said...

What a lucky and clever girl! Congrats!! ^_^

karuski said...

Congrats Swee on winning a great give-away:)


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