Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interview with a li'l ol' me!

A while ago I got featured on Amy Ng's PikaProject, A wonderful initiative to support independant artists and illustrators.

A magazine with an interview of each of the contributors comes with the pikapackage. There is an interview with me too . Obviously I don't get to do a lot of interviews, so I was really honoured and took my time answering each question. Well actually you had to finish some sentences. I took it up quite seriously, like SAT's (or 'eindexamen' in The Netherlands).
You can read the whole magazine here. Or just read it below here!
1. If I wasn't an artist...
I'd...I'd...I'd.... I don't know. I know if I didn't create my illustrations I would design clothing, but I think that counts as artist. And being a writer too- If that doesn't count as an answer I think I'd be a politician, or at least try to be. I don't think I would be elected though.

2. My worst habit is...
Not cleaning the house. I personally don't mind, but it sometimes seems to be a problem for others in my life. My counterargument is that I don't want to die knowing I always made my bed and hoovered the carpet regularly. A clean house seems so futile compared to the little time we have on this pretty planet.
3. I am in love with...
Birds-of course! Little creatures like pika's or squirrels make me produce strange high pitched noises as well. My pika imitation is famous. Oh and puppies, don't forget them. They give me the uncontrollable urge to run over and cuddle.
4. What/who inspires you?
First of all; Nature. The uber-creation, the perfect work of art. Nothing can beat that. Us humans apparently think we can, because we keep on trying. I sometimes think art of any kind is just an ode to Nature.
5. What is your biggest accomplishment to date?
Building a bathroom from scratch is a pretty big thing for a girlie girl, I am proud of the plumbing especially. Although I do believe women can do anything they want because they read the instructions.
Illustration-wise I think making people smile with my illustrations and the little stories the birds tell you.
6. What is your biggest fear?
I have a lot of biggest fears but I am supersticious so I am not saying!
7. If you could have superpowers, what would it be?
I am still in doubt. It's one of these 2 options. Depending on which mood I am in:
a)Making the whole world love my work.
b)Giving everyone an overload of empathy.

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sMacThoughts said...

Congrats on the interview; I love your birdies!! I also am a believer that with instructions, a girl can do anything. :)


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