Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot birds!!

It's been very hot over here, and there's this Dutch saying that says it is so hot, the sparrows fall off the roof tops. These family of great tits won't let it get that far and take a cooling bath in a pottery dish I filled with water(joy doesn't have to be expensive as you can tell)
For my birthday I got a bigger bird bath that will be installed a meter off the ground. For the moment the ones on the ground do well. Cats know that bird person owns this garden. They don't mess with me.
The little one on the edge discovered the dish but didn't quite dare to take the plunge. This family has been hanging out my garden for the past days, making noise and screaming for food.


twostraycats said...

love it :)

Sigmosaics said...

oh how wonderful!! so sweet that the birds are enjoying a bath in your hot weather :)

are you going to be at the maastricht fair? I'll be there .. I hope we can meet up again ;)


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