Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maureen's birdies

Since I have surrendered to twitter, I thought I might as well join facebook. Nothing is beneath me. I've tried to hold back the hype, fight the temptation, although I didn't believe it would bring me anything good - I decided to go for it anyway. How wrong could I be? After less than an hour being a Facebook member I run into lovely Maureen from Florida, who I blogged about a while back.
I made the Loggerhead Shrike, The Belted Kingfisher and the Yellow Rumped Warbler for her and her boyfriend on special request. One by one I e-mailed her the drawings for approval and to let her know how I was getting on with it. The set was her present for him for their anniversary. The process was pretty exciting as I didn't know what she would think of them, and each time I send one over, I kept on checking my e-mail to find out if she'd got it, and more importantly, what she would think of them. When you get a special request like that, you're always scared that you don't meet the expectations. Today Maureen placed these photos on her facebook! I couldn't be happier! It is so important to for me to get this type of feedback. When you're drawing in your studio and barely talking to anyone, your mind may play tricks on you and you start thinking about disappointing a customer and just plain failure.
Maureen added this to the photos: "A very talented artist designed these bird illustrations for us. And we adore them!" Makes my day!!! See how they look framed up in lilac! Lovely!


Maureen'sFoodPassion said...

I'm glad you like the lilac! I thought it looked so nice with the tan background of the pictures. Also, the color matched perfectly with those little berries in the warbler drawing. =)

twostraycats said...

they are just beautiful!


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