Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Blackbird!!!

Last week when boyfriend and I were planning to go cycling two sweet beady eyes looked at us from the ground in the path behind our garden. In a corner there was a tiny baby blackbird that couldn't fly very well yet. The parents were going crazy in the air because a cat was peeking down at him from around the corner too. You always hear where the cat of the neighbors is going from the insane sound the blackbirds are making to scare it. I am sure the cat hates that sound, but it will not stop him from getting a snack I think! What to do, what to do? If we would have left the scene the cat would've made his move and ate the little thing. As much as I believe that is nature, I know that a housecat is not exactly aware of dropping numbers in the amount of song birds. I decided to save this little thing from the cat's teeth. Our garden is like a gated community for birds. The cats that have dared to enter it, which is hard, have been scared away by me and there hasn't been one seen for a year now. So I got back in the house to put plastic bags around my hands. There should be no sign of me on that bird. I carefully lifted the baby-bird with a plastic container and moved it in the garden(only 4 meters further, but behind a gate). Strangely it didn't make a sound and just stared at me. When I closed the door and put him on the table he squeaked and hid under two flowerpots. Boyfriend, in the meantime, wasn't in a patient mood and went cycling. I went inside and watched the parents come to the baby and feed it like nothing happened. These pics were taken a day later. Still safe in the garden. Yesterday it was again a little bigger fortunately it still has that baby bill. Click on the image to see the full view of the baby.

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