Friday, May 15, 2009

The baby blackbird is growing up.

I guess he is still happy about hanging out in our garden instead of the catwalk on the back of the house where kids and cats roam. In the sand you can barely see him. He's found a nice spot behind our barbeque to enjoy the spring sun. Don't you just love it when birds have a sun bath? They close their eyes just like we do. I love seeing that 'human' side of birds. (or that bird side in us humans, I mean who says we were first to enjoy the sun huh?)
When I had to take the trash out I have to pass this niche and a door. Of course our little friend was sitting there and I had him cornered! Not very friendly of me because I'll be he was a little scared. We turned it into a nice flying lesson and before I knew it he was looking down on me from the top of the shed. I could see his baby feathers turning into adult feathers. Cute!

He looks a little puffy and clumsy on this picture. Makes you melt! Pity he thinks of me as some strange and pale monster! Good for him/her though.

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